Race in the Classroom

There are many sources of racial bias in society, and many boil down to variations of "essentialism," or the belief that people have natural and unchanging core essences. One harmful type is genetic essentialism, the idea that genes determine all human traits and make different races distinct.

Traditional genetics curricula taught in biology classrooms have been found to exacerbate these scientifically incorrect biases in students rather than correct them; however we have limited understanding of how. My qualitative work seeks to fill this gap in order to design better classroom strategies.

My research is building instruments to assess students' knowledge and biases to enable teachers to identify problems and improve curricula to correct racial biases. I enjoy working in teams and have collaborators across many institution types.

Surface Science

As we continue further into the 21st century, many large scientific challenges facing society today involve increasingly small-scale solutions. From renewable energy materials to medical devices, to flexible electronics, water purification, and more, nanotechnology and thin films have enabled powerful technological advances.

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a potent tool for building materials on the atomic scale, enabling complex device design. However, its high precision relies on surface chemical reactions behaving in specific and self-limiting ways, so understanding and controlling how these reactions work is critical.

My research studies how a variety of surface chemistries work together to enable ALD in new ways, expanding its chemical toolbox and allowing for design and synthesis of a greater range of new materials.

My interdisciplinary research connects experiment and theory, inorganic and organic chemistry, and activating and passivating reactions. I value working extensively with collaborators.


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