Joel R. Schneider

educator | chemical engineer | surface scientist

Hi, I'm Joel

I'm interested in how small-scale, seemingly invisible interactions have visible impacts on society and communities.

I completed my PhD in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, focusing on nanotechnology and fundamental surface science. From poring over “The Way Things Work” (by David Macaulay) and working on hybrid corn farms growing up, to teaching calculus and engineering at MIT, I have always been fascinated by the hidden Whys.

My current research focuses on atomic layer deposition, and my dissertation brings to light new surface reactions and how they can be used to build advanced materials. Broadly, my interests span surface science, materials, and education. Beyond my work I appreciate cooking, traveling, and a cozy mug of tea.



Mentorship &

Mission Statement

To make seemingly invisible processes visible for understanding and thriving

To bridge theory and praxis, connecting the “why” and the “how”

To practice research and teaching as liberatory work that builds up community

To support and empower others to do the same