Joel R. Schneider

educator | researcher | equity & justice | writer

Hi, I'm Joel

I'm interested in how small-scale, seemingly invisible interactions have visible impacts on society and communities.

I am an education researcher who loves to listen and leverage the stories and experiences of stakeholders to improve outcomes, promote equity and justice, empower others, and challenge ineffective or oppressive systems. I have enjoyed education all my life, and with 13+ years of experience teaching at all levels from middle school through to graduate programs, I have developed expertise in pedagogy and learning. Combining both qualitative and quantitative methods to paint pictures of what, how, and why processes occur excites me, and I utilize my interdisciplinary experience to continue propelling my work. I have always been fascinated by the hidden Whys

Throughout my career, I have always believed that it is critical we bring our whole selves into our work and education, and that embodied social experience is key to success. I believe systems and social factors are at the root of many challenges we face, and I am motivated to take collective action across grantmaking, research, policy, and practice to make a better world.


I am currently a postdoc in the Department of Biology Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota investigating intro STEM classrooms. My current interests focus on the dynamics of race and gender in introductory biology classrooms, how curricula can reinforce or break down student biases, and the experiences of students and faculty. My work brings to light complex and sensitive phenomena so classrooms can be more inclusive, just, and educational. Beyond my work I appreciate cooking, traveling, and a cozy mug of tea. 


Qualitative &
Quantitative Research

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Mission Statement

To make seemingly invisible processes visible for understanding and thriving

To bridge theory and praxis, connecting the “why” and the “how”

To practice research and teaching as liberatory work that builds up community

To support others in empowering themselves to do the same